Chef Rich Sowa

Jan 13, 2016 0 Comments

About Midwest Foods’ Corporate Chef

Classically trained in Chicago, Chef Rich Sowa was introduced to French cuisine and technique. After his education, he started working in banquets, which helped him focus on paying great attention to small details as well as learning to master speed, strength and endurance. With an opportunity to work in Madison Wisconsin for chef John Akhile, he jumped at the chance to learn from an all-star chef in a progressive university city. There he learned to use the finest local ingredients, from one of the biggest local farming communities in the Midwest. Finding out so much that goes into the ingredients before they ever get to any restaurant sparked his interest.

Having years of work in contemporary American and French cuisine, his interest began to shift. His objective was to find new ways of combining health and nutrition in the culinary arts. He moved to the north shore of Chicago and began working in Highland Park at a vegan gluten free juice bar cafe. After working with healthy local ingredients, it is now the standard when it comes to his work.