Health is the new wealth. This year we’re taking the cooking out of the kitchen. Midwest Foods is delighted to present its new campaign, which focuses, as main point of interest, on propagating the benefits of eating consciously and healthy.

Our corporate chef will be holding several cooking “Demonstrations and Classes”. Advocating healthy eating and teaching people how to efficiently substitute harmful ingredients.

Activities during the demonstrations include:

  • Healthy snacks and/or smoothies cooking demonstrations
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Seasonal tastings
  • Why Healthy (Explanations of the nutritional value in foods)
  • Feed Your Body (Healthy food that helps specific functions of your body)

These activities will be selected and tailored to match your installations and number of attendees.

Here is how it works,
Schools, Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Contact your sales rep to set up a date, time and number of people attending the demonstration at your location.
  • We’ll provide you with three healthy dishes options from which you’ll need to pick one for our corporate chef to demonstrate.
  • He’ll be showing the attendees how to prepare this dish, while explaining the nutritional value and health benefits in the ingredient list, and how to substitute harmful ingredients with healthy ones without sacrificing taste!


Farmers Markets

Our corporate chef will be joining, upon request, Farmers Markets at your location to present to your customers our local produce and talk about the farms they come from, the nutritional value and health benefits.

Clients, to book your Local Farmers’ Market contact your sales representative.

To learn more about Midwest Foods’ Farmers Markets, visit